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  1. You can enter your payment details on the home page or click ‘Payments’ in the menu
  2. Enter your details as requested in the form,
  3. Enter your email address where you have ‘’
  4. Enter your decoder number, this is compulsory.
  5. Pick the bouquet and the corresponding amount
  6. Make sure all details are correct especially your decoder number
  7. Click Pay
  8. You will be re-directed to a paystack payment gateway, where you will enter your card details or pay through your account if your Bank is listed.
  9. Once your payments are made, we will activate your account within 5 minutes
  10. The Payment process is expected to go smoothly 99.99% of times, But if you encounter any issue or error, Please Check ‘PAYMENT HELP


  • Our platform is secured, you will see the key symbol at the left hand side of our url
  • The payment platform is also secured
  • We do not keep your information but all information entered on our site is safe and cannot be hijacked by hackers.
  • If one of the following errors occurred while trying to make payment, please do not panic,
    just call Ebenezer on 08169952102;
    OR Call Dhikrulla on 08066113457


  • If you receive an error during payment or after
  • If you think you are debited and the process did not complete
  • If your computer/Phone suddenly turns off without ascertaining your payment status
  • If you make a payment in error
  • If you make payment for a different or wrong subscriber